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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Squash is one of the fastest, finest games on earth.

Playing squash is a passion for me. Imagine if I don't play for a week or so my body will not function as well as it should be. This is the observation I have during all my years of playing squash. I started playing in the early 80's and still is enjoying the game very much. I am not in to serious competition for now but more towards the friendly games we played every week. I try my very best to at least play twice weekly. If I don't play I feel as my body is not functioning as well as should be. As most of the people who played squash knows that the game is very fast and tiring not to mention it can sometimes makes one's out of breath. If you been in the squash court and played the game before you would know what I meant. I and my regular squash partner (a 60 years old guy)believe me for his age, you will be astonish to see how fit he is, for his age he doesn't look 60 years. We have been playing for maybe I can say at least 10 years or more.He plays good squash and it's not easy to beat him. (it's a run for your money) Maybe there are more seniors that play good squash out there but I have yet to see one same his age with great stamina and great skills in squash. Any clubs interested to visit Penang for a holiday and have a friendly game of squash can always email me. Cheers for now!

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Anonymous vincent said...

when I first started playing, I was out of breathe in less than half a set.

10:13 AM  
Anonymous Pame said...

Racquet ball is good enough for me. Squash .... cant get the ball speeding, flying ... what ever!
Have a good partner in the court once a week sometimes. Partner is age 45,handsome male... terribly good player, hard to defeat!

4:36 PM  
Anonymous Pame said...

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4:36 PM  

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