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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

My teenage kids

Time passes so fast without me realizing that my children are growing up fast to be young adults soon. I have 2 children (rather a pair boy & girl) my eldest son is 15 years and his younger sister is 14 years. Both of my children are trilingual at least they are better than me. I know what they have gone through in the Primary CS; it was real tough for them because I can’t help them in the school work. Sometimes it was so frustrating for them and for me that certain CS words they couldn’t understand and no one to help them. But I can say that all the hard time they have gone through have made them tougher and not afraid to take up challenges. They are more discipline, responsible and blah,blah,blah. As for now both my children are doing great in secondary school (can’t complaint) my daughter is so mature compare to when she was in the CS. Like all parents, I love my children very much trying to give them the best in everything, from education to other things.(If only I can afford)Luckily my children are not so demanding. Nowadays children are pamper a lot compare to my times. I feel in a couple more years they will be leaving me for their education locally or abroad and then I will start to miss them. I hope that they will be able to be do whatever they want to do, study whatever courses they like and have a good career. As for me by then I would have completed my duty as a father, as far as on bring them up and giving them a good education. The rest is up to them to carry on the journey of their life’s……………….Kisses

This photo was taken at S’pore airport, transit to Beijing for holidays couple of years ago.

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