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Monday, August 22, 2005

Anniversary-looking back

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My thoughts lately have been centered on the years of my marriage. Well, we will be celebrating our 18th anniversary on the month of August. Looking back the day when we pen our signature on our marriage certificate. It was just like time really flies without us realizing it. Wow, I was wondering how we managed to go through life in marriage with so much success (ahem) because I have come across so many failed marriages.

Our believe is that no matter what it takes, a marriage should be for better or worse. Maybe we were destiny to be mended for each other. A famous quote that we always remind ourselves; Suffer what there is to suffer and enjoy what there is to enjoy. Treat suffering and enjoyment as part of life.

We experienced some unfavourable years when money was tight and without much savings. Things are pretty good now. Perhaps that was the test of our partnership in life. Nevertheless we triumph in our endeavours in building a strong and trusting partnership. Supporting each other in difficult times is crucial in making marriage rocks. To make a marriage successful, one’s have to give and take, help out ; a lot of hard work has to be put in.

I am indeed glad that our lives have been so meaningful to each other and the trusting partnership we have. I look forward to many more loving years ahead together.

Happy Anniversay to my loving missus.


Anonymous 8dee said...

Happy Anniversary....and thanks for the advice

10:27 AM  
Anonymous james said...

Happy Anniversary. 18 years is a good record in this time and age.

10:34 AM  
Blogger thquah said...

8dee: Thks, you are welcome.

james: Thks. Yes 18 years is something to be thoughtful and reminded off.

10:39 AM  
Blogger Orion said...

18 years ... wow! Congratulations.
How do you guys plan to celebrate it?

Mrs. O and I are in our 8th year. With Little O around, we've hardly have time of ourselves.

2:56 PM  
Blogger thquah said...

Well I would say that 2005 will be a good year for both of us. Went to Perth in June and 2 more holiday trips for both of us to Korea in Nov and HK with the family in Dec.
Well to celebrate we had a nice bottle of wine together and home cooked pizza.

7:29 PM  
Blogger percolator said...

eh! I posted a comment yesterday, and it din show up!
So anything special to commemorate this very significant milestone? renewal of vows or commission a family portrait with kids and all?

2:05 PM  

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