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Monday, August 15, 2005

My helping out in A Charity Event this coming September

I am also in the midst in helping out for a charity event in Penang this coming September. This is a Food Fair event to be held on Sunday 25th September 2005 from 10.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. in aid for Silver Jubilee Home For The Aged.

To participate for the event, there are 4 choices to contribute:-

  1. Prepare and sell the food
  2. Contribute the food only(minimum 300 servings)arrangement will be made to sell the food for you
  3. Sponsor a stall of RM1000/= ; the food and the selling will be done for you
  4. Sponsor any amount by cash/ cheque
  5. Buy the food coupons

I am not asking anyone to contribute (if you want also can) but at least just buy some food coupons and enjoy the Food Fair. I am sure if anyone approaches you to sell the food coupons please buy. For those who want to donate/ sponsor please made cheques payable to “Silver Jubilee Home For The Aged Penang and send all cheques to:-

The Chairman

Silver Jubilee Home For The Aged

Jalan Sungai Dua

11700 Penang

As for me so far I have managed to collect RM3000.00 for sponsoring 3 stalls from (1 company RM1000.00, 2 individuals RM1000.00 each). I am trying to get a few more sponsors for stalls. I have also bought some food coupons and will be going to enjoy the event with my family.

Image hosted by
Cheques collected from well wishes

So let’s support the Food Fair for the Silver Jubilee Home For The Aged this coming September.
Image hosted by
Map to Silver Jubilee Home For The Aged.

Just my small helping so that the old folks can have a better home till the end of their days.


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