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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Haze Hit Penang Island

Latest. Haze has hit Penang since yesterday (Friday). This is taken from my house.The visibility is almost like around 200 meters only. More than that you can't see a thing.

Image hosted by
The apartment is about 100 meters from my house. Look the haze is so bad.
Photo taken 11.00am Sat 13/8/2005

According to the weather forecast there will be thunderstorm on Sunday. Keeping my fingers cross and hope the rain will clear the skys by tomorrow.( at least some)


Blogger HazeHaters said...

a shout out to penangites from Haze Haters! we would kindly like to request our friends up north to submit your pictures to our site since the smog has come your way... Klang Valley folks wanted to take pictures when they were free during the weekend, but now its at your side! We are hoping we can count on you, here's to stopping the burning!
cheers & please spread the word!

10:10 PM  

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