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Sunday, July 24, 2005

What's for lunch when I have to cook.

My partner is down with a flu and sore throat. She has been not feeling well since Friday I hope she will recover or else I have to bring her to the doctor come tomorrow. I hate it when my partner is sick. So here I am going to be cooking lunch tomorrow (Sunday 24/7/2005). I was pondering what to cook; something simple yet tasty.(easy for me meh) Look through a few recipe books have a dozen of them in the drawer. (My partner favourite hobby is cooking)

Finally I found the simple dish and have decided to cook Koay Teow Soup with different kind of fish balls and lots of vegetables. So I am going to the market early in morning to buy the ingredients after sending my daughter to her tuition class.

Hopefully the lunch will turn out delicious.

Happy marketing to me…………

11.00am.(24/7/2005 Sunday)
Update: This is the final product for my simple lunch. Simple yet tasty especially the soup.Cost of list of ingredients only RM19.00 for the whole family. Mmmmmm......... very affordable.

The preparation

Cooking the soup


What's in the pot? Fishballs and cabbage with chicken soup.


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