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Monday, July 18, 2005

National Kidney Foundation Singapore - The Saga

I was watching the news on Singapore TV in Johore Bahru recently about the mismanagement of NKF (National Kidney Foundation) by its CEO. It really sad that such a person working for a charity organization misleads the public and uses the funds solely for his own purpose.

I am sure now many people will not be willing to donate to charity organization such as NKF anymore. People will have second thoughts if they want to donate to charity organization, just because there are a few rotten apples in this charity outfit.

Its chief executive officer Mr. T.T. Durai admits assertion its reserves would last just 3 years is 'not accurate', but when asked in court he agreed that it would last more like 30 to 40 years. Is he trying to bluff the public initially, NKF has a current reserves of Sp$262 million. Why on earth did such things happened? He pocketed Spore $1.8 million over the past three years on salary using public funds.(RM4.15million) not to mention 'among other things, a glass-paneled shower, a pricey German toilet bowl and a gold-plated tap' inside then-CEO T T Durai's office. The tap was said to have been replaced later with another of a different material. He admitted he had flown first class on NKF funds. All these luxurious items from public funds.

I just wonder how come there was no check and balance plus a level of accountability in the organization or is it just a one man show organisation. The board must be sleeping lo or the CEO has misled the board into trusting him.

If you want to work for a charity organization you can’t be earning like Sp $25,000 per month. The salary is way too much for any CEO in the market especially for a charity organization.

On 16 July 2005 after the one-hour press conference Mr. Durai said that after 37 years with the organization, he is stepping down and would also like to see some 'new blood'.

Latest: NKF gets public backlash after court revelations

My thoughts; I wish he had left long ago…………………


Blogger Colin said...

The saga should not not be a surprise as the whole charity infrastructure in Singapore has never been transparent. All you are seeing is the propaganda offensive by the Straits Times whose agenda in this affair is very clear.

10:54 AM  
Blogger thquah said...

What propaganda are you talking about.Y ou mean the Straits Times has something up their sleeve.
How can a non profit organisation is paying the CEO such a fat salary?

9:00 AM  
Blogger lonelychinesegal said...

i can't be bothered too much abt this whole NKF saga but may stop donating my hard earned money to NKF again !

12:59 AM  

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