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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Child Kidnap Trick in Carrefour, JB

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My nephews and niece (brothers' toddler sitting)

Just received an email from a friend, could this be true. Eventhough if this is not true just be careful and take care of our kids. Don't want this to happen to us. Right.

If this happen it would be a Good idea to request Departmental store/shopping malls to close main/side gates for detailed search in case some child is missing.

Update: This is a myth only(urban legend).So sorry for the alert.Anyway it's good to be cautious with our kids in any environment. Sorry once again and my sincere apology.
Thanks blogger andy for the pointer

Subject: Child Kidnap Trick in Carrefour, JB

Even if you do not have little kids, pass this one on to everyone you can think of. You never know who you might save by sending this e-mail!

Please, take the time and forward this to any friend who has children & grandchildren! Thanks!

Wanted to share something that happened today while shopping at Carrefour. A mother was leaning over looking for meat and turned around to find her 4 years old daughter was missing. I was standing there right beside her, and she was calling her daughter with no luck.

I asked a man who worked at Carrefour to announce it over the loud-speaker. He did, and left me , he immediately walked right past me when I asked and went to a pole where there was a phone. He made an announcement for all the doors and gates to be locked, a code something. So
they locked all the doors at once.

This took all of 3 minutes after I asked the guy to do this. They found the little girl 5 minutes later in a bathroom stall drugged. Her headways half shaved, and she was dressed in her underwear with a bag of clothes, a razor, and wig sitting on the floor beside her, to make her look different.

Whoever this person was, took the little girl, brought her into the bathroom, shaved half her head, and undressed her in a matter of less than 10 minutes. This makes me shake to no end.

Please keep a close eye on your kids when in big places where it's easy for you to get separated like Shopping Malls. It only took a few minutes to do all of that. Another 5 minutes and she would have been out the door.

I am still in shock that some sick person could do this, let alone in a matter of minutes. The days are over when our little ones could run rampant all over the place and nothing worse would happen then them annoying people.

The little girl is fine. Thank God for fast workers who didn't take any chances.



Blogger Andy said...

This is an urban legend, apparently modified from stories from overseas:

But still, be careful of the kids! :)

4:24 PM  
Blogger thquah said...

andy: thks man for the link. Appreciate it. Anyway be cautious is better.When things do happen then it's too late and we suffer.

4:48 PM  
Blogger kiasi said...

Not only kids lah. I think we must beware of everything also.

3:23 PM  
Blogger dizzyguy73 said...

man, tis is really shocking

6:53 PM  
Blogger Twinsmom said...

I don't own a big house, and luxury car, never afraid of ppl will rob me, my only property are my twins girl, sometime I hate my back have no eyes to watch them.
Thanks for blog about this, will take extreme extra caution.

7:00 PM  
Blogger thquah said...

twinsmom: you're welcome.

11:55 PM  

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