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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Bringing up my children

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Children can be a source of inspiration and.........

Bring up children can be a real pain in the............... but the joy is always there when the child smiles and laugh. This especially when the child is just from the time of birth until 6 or 7 years old, these are the fun and wonderful time a parent can experience.

Nowadays children are more open and demanding as they grow up, they will asked for explanation and reasoning on why things cannot be done or when we turn down their request for certain things. As parents (myself) I feel some things they cannot have or cannot do. Hence I have to explain with reasons to make them understand and come to their senses. Sometimes they will argue with their reasons (usually comparing with their friends) so as a parent I would usually listen and try my utmost to come to a win-win solution with them. At times these can be tough. It's kind of give and take, game to play. If you are too strict it's also difficult, if too lenient they will climb over my head. (Balancing act) As for my children I can say that they are quite understanding. I think if you can communicate with your children like a friend would be a great achievement. I always make my point clear to them on certain issues;

  • Money matter - to be thrifty and always save for raining days (even if they have extra money).
  • Friends - to mix with good friends and don't fall into peer pressure.
  • Exams - to do your best even though your results are not good it's OK, it's not end of the world.
  • Language - to read as many story books as possible (most of the time they are lazy in this)
  • Love - don't get involve until you are at least in university.
  • Discipline - be discipline in whatever you do.

With children, you can learn something very important; how to give for the sheer joy of giving. If you give to children with any hope of return you're inviting misery all around. Cheers!!!


Blogger mystic said...

Th: hehe...tat's wat dad told me exactly. The oni difference was exam muz excel & get at least 80%.

2:48 PM  
Blogger 5xmom said...

Wise words, th! I just came from Jason's mumbles blog and read his father's comments. If only there are more parents blogging....

4:38 PM  
Blogger percolator said...

Is that a white rose?
I too like to slip blossoms (usually a few jasmine buds - cheap mah) into a small dish of water which I usually place on my bedside table. The fragrance is most soothing.
Somehow this pic coming after your post on Perth reminds me of Aust. I can almost smell the gardenias (also white!), it brings me back to my daily jogs when I ran against the wind and the lovely fragrance of gardenis planted along the footpaths of my jogging route.

8:39 PM  
Blogger thquah said...

mystic, every parent would want their best for their children epecially to be successful in whatever the children pursue.

5xmom, thks for the encouragement.

percolator, yes it's a white rose.the fragrance.......

11:15 AM  
Blogger mumsgather said...

I can almost smell the fragrance of the rose from here. :) BTW, enjoy your holiday to Perth. (*Envy envy*)

2:44 PM  
Blogger thquah said...

MG, thanks for kind words ,will surely enjoy ourselves.

12:57 PM  

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