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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Marriage and I

Marriage and I

I was reading 5xMoM - What holds a marriage? - Pt 1 that prompt me to write about a glimpse of my marriage.

I got married in 1987, since then my marriage has been good. We have our up and downs (more up then downs). Fortunately we don't have much argument, if we do have, it's always settle peacefully. I am for one that place my family first in my life. Before I got married I got this poster "Rules For A Good Marriage" it's still with me hanging in my bedroom. By reading the Rules For A Happy Marriage, it helps to remind me that the importances of making my marriage works. These are a few things that I think will make a marriage works ;

  1. lots of trust
  2. patience
  3. give and take
  4. be a good listener
  5. do your part in helping out in the house(your partner will appreciate you more)
  6. giving space to your partner for whatever things she wants to do (her hobbies/interest)
  7. be honest
  8. religion? (it would be better if both have the same faith but not necessary)

Lots of hard work, I would say to have a successful marriage. Then there is the financial factor to work it out which sometimes is very sensitive. As far as my partner is concern she helps in the financial for the family. But things are much better now and I don't asked her to help out anymore.

When we were new weds, our financial situation was not so strong, just started working meh. We couldn't afford to go for holidays then. Actually we did not go for any oversea holidays after 13 years of our marriage. We did go to the local places like Camerons and Genting. As the years go by financially we were better and we could have better things in life. If you struggle in the beginning surely you will receive the benefits later on. This also goes the same for marriage to be successful. I don't have the right formula for a marriage to work. It all boils down to both partners wanting the marriage to work out well. Most of the things I followed from the poster guide.

If you have any guide and formula please let me know. I hope the guide on Rules For A Happy Marriage will be benefit to some ppl. Marriages that flourish are friendships. Cheers!!!

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Blogger Lrong said...

Hi. My missus and I married in 1986. Like yours and others, there has been ups and down, but on the whole, it has been (thus far) a very interesting and enriching experience. We used to (actually still do!) argue quite a bit, and usually I am the bad guy. Looks like I have been breaking quite a few of the rules you have...

1:16 PM  
Blogger mumsgather said...

Nice poster. Someone said Communication is important. Thats true and I'm working hard to improve that part becos' I think I'm very bad at it.

1:16 PM  
Blogger 5xmom said...

Wah, got reminder somemore. Good also, when gaduh-gaduh time, both go and face the walls and read the rules. LOL! Thanks for sharing that wisdom.

7:17 PM  
Blogger thquah said...

lrong:thks for the comments, as long as you are happy man.

MG: Yes communication is always important so practice

5xmom: Yeslah have to always look at the rules to remind both of us. Who is wrong.

8:58 PM  

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