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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Uneven and Full of Potted Holes - Road

Full of potted holes Posted by Hello

Uneven road Posted by Hello

Road maintain by the Developer Posted by Hello

I have been writing to the local council MPPP ( through the MPPP web page) to complain on the bad condition ( road full of pot holes) of the road that leads to my housing area. Many times they will just not response at all on the complaint or rather ignoring my complaint. I have also phoned and the replied was that the road is not under their jurisdiction or they do not maintain the road. The road is rather maintain by a developer who has built a condo leading to it. It's consider a private road as far as MPPP is concern. At least MPPP has the right to bring to the attention of the developer to resurface the road but they are not doing their job. I doubt this can be done because this road has been built a few years back and wonder if the developer company is still around.
It very frustrating that I have to pass through this road everyday because this road is like a short cut going out from an housing estate to the main road.. But just to drive through this uneven and full of potted holes road is really annoying. I think most of the resident living in my housing area uses this road to access to the main road. I try to contact the developer who is responsible for the road but the phone is always engaged. I think the developer who is responsible for the maintenance of the road is running away from it's responsibility and MPPP can't do a thing about it. It all boils down to the enforcement of MPPP to get the developer to resurface the road but this has not been done for years. When something serious happen (like a big accident) then only will both parties start pointing fingers against each other. Who is to be blame in this situation? Under such circumstances "tidak apa" attitude of the both parties residents in my housing area have to bear with it until the road is resurface.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obviously you have not paid your assessment dues. This is why they are ignoring you.

Support the campaign to bring back local council election and don't vote for BN!

6:54 PM  

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