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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Fuji Digital Camera F601 Zoom

I was as usual toying with my camera when I noticed that there were flickering lines on the camera screen after I power ON it. I was rather unhappy because I have recently sent the camera for repair through FUJI PHOTO FILM (M) Sdn Bhd. The camera was not been able to power ON so I got it repaired and it cost me a hefty RM612-00. I hardly used it after the repair and now the problem is coming back again. Before I send the camera for repair the first time ,the viewer screen on the camera looks fine (no flickering lines) just could not power ON. The Fuji 601 Zoom is a very good camera no denying it, especially for the outdoors. The photos are excellent. I was just wondering what kind of servicing and repairing FUJI have done maybe they just repair the camera without going through quality control processes (testing & re-checking after each repair). The worst part was it took almost like 1 month to repair stating that they don't have the spare parts. What do you mean you do not have the parts for replacement ? I demanded for an answer. As usual they gave all kind of excuses. I told them I am going to pay for the repair and it's not FREE. After a few complaint only then did they repair the camera. I won't be surprise if I did not complain, how long will it take to repair the camera? I am going to send it back to FUJI and ask them to check the camera once more, don't know how much have to spend this time around and how long it will take for the repair. Anyone of you have the same experiences with FUJI PHOTO FILM? Wow! I thought the customer is always right but not on this one.

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