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Thursday, May 05, 2005

My tribute to Mr. Kennysia

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I recalled when I first wrote my first few blogs, I think the 1st person who came by and gave a comment was Kennysia. My blog which was written on 13 March 2005 was about my father and smoking.

Kenny Sia said...
I have been coming to this site on and off, but I have to say... the similarity between you and me is amazing. I doubt you've been following my site, but I'm undergoing a similar situation. My father is also a heavy smoker, and is now diagnosed with kidney cancer which has since been metastated to the lungs.

Keep writing. Your writing has a very down-to-earth feel to it that cannot be denied.

I wasn't too sure I wrote that well but at least I try to write to the best of my abilities. I did not tell him or rather warned him that lung cancer patients have a limited time to live especially if it's in Stage 3( it's a fact) because I don't want to let him feel down and have no hope at all for his dad. But to my mind I know that time is not on his dad side. What I did advice him was to give the best he can give to his dad, the attention his dad needs and whatever he requests. I did that for my dad in the last few months of his days. So I think my dad did enjoy that. I know down in my heart Kennysia has done that ( spending time and taking care of his dad) by the last few blogs written by him. I am lost for words for him as I can feel the sorrow and grief he is in now, I had experience it too.

What I can say is that, it's better to go if the time has come and rather to suffer and suffer ( not only the father but also the family). I know it not humane to say this but I would rather go if I know that the time has come. I might be wrong to say this but that's what I believe and it would be better for everyone. You will know this when you are in this situation. "Cry all you want to cry because I did cry when my dad died". Take care and May Your Dad Rest In Peace.


Blogger desiderata said...

Hi TH: Dropped by as Kenny was also an early visitor to my Blog and we did exchange some conversations. Both of you write directly, with msg to share with fellow humankind.

I can connect with both your writings,hope you'd pay a courtesy call at my cyberhome. I write mainly prose, though I spice up mine with Poetry once a while as peoms, if well composed, connect even more deeply.

I apprecaite your last para; helps to look death in the eye! which I hope to be able to do when the time cometh...Some people are even scared of speaking of D....

1:31 AM  
Blogger mumsgather said...

My mom had the big C too, cervical cancer and had just one year left from the time they found out. I was too young then but I realise now what a hard time it must have been for my mum and dad. We were living in Kuantan then and dad often had to accompany mum to KL for chemotherapy. I can't remember if the 5 of us kids accompanied him or not. Eventually, we just kept her at home with a drip as we had a good and kind hearted doc neighbour who lived two doors away. So no, I don't think you are wrong or not humane to say what you did.

11:20 AM  
Blogger thquah said...

desiderata :- thks man. Cheers

mg:- thks for sharing.

10:41 AM  

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