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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

My Perth trip

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Sandalford Vineyard

Day- 5/6/2005.
We arrived at Perth International airport on the 5/6/2005 Sunday at 6.00am .Clearing the immigration and the custom was a breeze, they are friendly and asked questions regarding our visit to Perth. (Not so like our immigration and custom here who just take your passport stamp it without even utter a single word)
We went for the Sandalford Vineyard Cruise (full day cruise tour) 10am-4.30pm. As the cruise departs and we were served with coffee and cookies follow by the sampling of 4 premium wines matched with gourmet cheeses. We were guided by how to appreciate the wines as we enjoy the commentary of the history of the Swan River and its surroundings.
On the arrival at Sandalford we were taken for "a behind the scenes" tour of the winery, including the red and white fermentation areas, crushing, pressing and the barrel room. After all these, a sumptuous three course lunch was served matched with premium wines in the restaurant. Following lunch, we head to the Cellar Shop where we try Port wine and browse through the wine products and giftware. We had drunk lots of wines and were feeling kind of tipsy by this time. Luckily it was time to depart back to the hotel.
Arrived at the hotel check in and had a nap until dinner time. Later we headed to the Burswood Casino. We were there just watching the crowd and people and had a simple bite at the casino restaurant. Headed back to our hotel at around 11.30pm.

Day- 6/6/2005
The weather was cold around 14 deg. We took a stroll along the shopping mall in early morning. Then took the Hip and Hop Tram that goes around Perth city. Stop at King's Park spent an hour and half there. Around noon took the Perth train to Fremantle spent the whole afternoon there. Lunch at Cicerello's Fish n Chips, walk the mall, supermarkets,visit a few historic site and Fremantle market (Mrs. did a little shopping)
Head back to Perth hotel at around 6pm. as it starter to rain.

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Downtown Perth

Day- 7/6/2005
Woke up early, went to pick up the car we rented from AVIS. Checked out off Perth hotel and headed south of Perth. Stop at Rockingham, proceed to Mandurah, Busselton and reached Margaret River late afternoon.
Mandurah town-walk around the town for an hour. Busselton stroll on the jetty that goes out to the ocean (2km long) very nice. Margaret River had a cozy Italian dinner .Checked into one of those cottage type lodges for the night.

Had breakfast at the cabin. At 8am drove to Augusta (Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse). After the nice view from the top of the lighthouse where we could see a couple of whales in a far distance. Next we drove to visit the cave (Lake cave), scenery along the journey was spectacular (the forest). At times we felt like we were lost in the middle of no where but everything turns out fine. Drove up north along the coastal road stopping at various small towns. We had lunch at Flute (a famous restaurant that what was recommended by some friends) which was situated in vineyard. Food was pretty nice. Stop at MadFish wines at Howard Park just look around did not dare to drink as I was driving.
Proceed up north reach Yallingup ,Dunsborough and reach Busselton. Check into Ammaro motel for the night. Had Chinese food for dinner. It was raining and the weather was 10 deg. really cold. Just drove around the town for some sightseeing.

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Saw this sign where they sell cigarettes

Day- 9/6/2005
Depart Busselton around 10am heading for Fremantle before returning the car at the airport and flying off. Deroute into Bunbury ,the town was very beautiful by the coast with many colonial buildings. Then proceed back to the freeway, along the way there was a major accident on the freeway and we had to be diverted into Warooma, Pinjara and Armanda (these towns are situated towards the inlands) before heading to Fremantle. Did the prison tour had Fish n Chips again and some last minutes shopping. Before driving to the airport at around 8pm.

Day- 10/6/2005
Arrived at Singapore airport early morning. Transit back to Penang arriving back to my home sweet home. It was truly and enjoyable and wonderful gateway for both of us. Cheers ):


Blogger mumsgather said...

Looks like you had a good time and have kept a good record of it too in your blog. Your previous post has got lovely pics but everyone only interested to ask you how romantic it was. Hahaha.

12:17 PM  
Blogger 5xmom said...

Yalah, where's the romantic park of watching the sunset, holding hands? Share a little bit mah. 'Cos all of us with small kids can only dream of going off on hols without the kids.

7:52 PM  
Blogger thquah said...

mg: how romantic no words could explain lah. haha.

5xmom:regret did not have chance to watch sunset as it rain almost every evening lo. Holding hands of course lah ada... plus cuddle cuddle lo.

11:46 PM  
Blogger percolator said...

Very Nice, but where's the personal touch? I mean where are you (and the missus)? Would be nice to see you guys within the lovely settings. Not nude, of course.! JK, okay. Cheers.
The thing about Perth is always the tranquillity and serenity. It's getting to be a popular place for retirement.

10:00 AM  
Blogger Lrong said...

Downtown Perth looks quite lonely leh...

1:20 PM  
Blogger thquah said...

percolator:sorrylah missus says shy to put photo on the blog.Things are expensive after the currency conversion so I don't think retirement will be an option for me in Perth.(it will definitely be in Penang)

lrong:it was a holiday so not much traffic on the roads

11:25 PM  
Blogger dizzyguy73 said...

Woahh, nice leh! Will definately think of Perth as my next destination.

8:54 PM  

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