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Saturday, July 09, 2005

What will my child be?

Once you become a parent you will constantly wonder and at times worry about your child will be when he or she grows up. What career they going for in their life. Will they get mix up with bad company of friends leading to undesirable/illegal activities? Phew.........sigh I hope my children will know what is right and wrong, whom to friend. With my parenting skills learned from my parents I think I managed well as at today. I always reminded them of peer pressure from their group of friends, and if they are not comfortable with that particular friend just mix with him/her less.

Let the winds sway it for my children

Sometimes parents want to encourage their children to pursue what they want and not to the interest of the child. The parents never understand that the child might not be interested or no liking for it. From my perspective, I will definitely let my children choose whatever career they want to pursue. I have once in a while talked to my children on what they want to be in life. (Their career) Until now only my son who is pretty sure he wants to do engineering. He is also not sure what field of engineering to go for. (Maybe he thinks when his exam results are available only then will he decide)

My daughter .........says he want to be an inventor, high aspiration. I was thinking an inventor in Malaysia will there be a demand for such an occupation. Am I not optimistic for her? Silly me. I think she is an optimist for once.

Whatever my children choose on their career path I will surely 100% support them. Even if they think of studying abroad I will try my utmost to let them do it. (Hopefully I can afford)

So let our children make their own choice of career and hopefully they will be happier. It would be a shame if we as parents want our children to live our dreams through them. I have seen this happening because the parents did not achieve whatever career plan lay out for themselves.

Failure in ones career does not mean failure in LIFE.


Blogger sweetspirit said...

I was so pleased to read this post :) i totally agree with you.My eldest daughter who turned 19 just a weeks ago wants to be a manager in retail, next week she starts a new job as assistant manger in a retail store.She is happy and i am happy for her.
cheerz tcz

7:45 PM  
Blogger Tinkerbell said...

We as parents worry a lot. We worry whether our children's chosen profession will provide a good enough life for them, we worry if our children is mixing in the right company etc etc... in the end, it is only because we have their welfare and happiness in mind.

3:15 PM  
Blogger thquah said...

sweetspirit: we should be happy for our children in whatever carrer they choose because it's their life.

tinkerbell: yes lo agreed parents worried alot. I guess it's part of all parents responsibilities.

8:48 AM  
Anonymous blurry said...

your post is reeking of positivity.which i lack of course! btw, asked my son what he wanted to be and he said spiderman or wolverine.but can't fault him, he is only five. where i come from, carreer matters alot, no carreer means no life.cannot eat, live and breathe love and joy only right!

10:11 AM  

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